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Welcome to Trollix
Welcome to Trollix 2
Do you know the Trollix hiking trolley? 
The Trollix is a two-wheeled trolley which acts an ultra-light backpack for your hikes and your leisure activities. It can be adapted to be used in the snow and behind a bike.
No weight on the back, everything on the trolley.

It is the "indispensable companion for hikers" who want to carry all the necessary equipment to be as autonomous as possible during great adventures, treks, hiking trails (Compostelle, Stevenson ...) or a world tour ... while relieving the back.

 Its characteristics...


- Made in aluminium
- Weight without wheels and fastener : 5.8 kg
- Width with wheels  : 58 cm
- Length : 1 m 70
- Dimensions of the loading platform : L 84 cm x w 42 cm
- Fastener with belt and stuffed harness
- Inflatable and puncture-proof wheels
- Retractable et adjustable drawbar in height
- Black color (option : others colors)


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Walk the free hands...


The fastener including a belt and a harness allows to benefit from the same advantage as the transport in backpack, that is to be able to make his hike the free hands and so to be able to have a gestural freedom.


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The small Trollix
 The trolley which passes everywhere.
- Weight whithout wheels and fastener : 3.8 kg
- Width with wheels  : 58 cm
- Length : 1 m 36
- Dimensions of the loading platform : L 50 x w 42

Trollix Mini

 hiking trailer, trekking trolley, walking trolley
From 525 € including all taxes
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