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Rental rates (excluding transport costs)
- 1 day: 45 €
- 2 days or weekend: 60 €
- 1 week: 140 €
- 2 weeks: 220 €
- 3 weeks: 300 €
- 1 month: 350 €
Deposit: 500 €
Rental conditions
Rental orders are made by email or phone by clicking here.
The Trollix can be delivered and returned by Colissimo or restituted and rentered to: 
«Alliance Feu Design - 44 rue Revermont - Zac de la Cambuse - 01440 Viriat»
The rental period is the date of the first day of the rental and the business day on which the Trollix is returned and / or rendered.
We ship the equipment 3 to 5 days before the start of the rental. 
For the return, the tenant agrees to return the equipment no later than the last day of rental, in its original packaging with the necessary protections. The postmark is proof and a return voucher will be provided by email.
The sending times are outside the rental period and are not counted in the duration of the lease.
The equipment, its handling and any incidents are the responsibility of the tenant.
For the payment, the tenant will have to send 2 checks to the order of "Trollix"
- a check of the rental amount according to the estimated duration + transport costs
- a check for the amount of the deposit.
Checks must be sent to the following address: "Trollix - 11 route de Villemoirieu - 38460 Crémieu"
The Trollix can be delivered or restituted once the payment and the deposit check in our possession.
Once the rental has expired and that we have recovered the Trollix, we return or  or destroy, with the agreement of the tenant, the deposit check if everything is correct (Trollix returned in condition).
If the duration of the rental is different from the expected one (delay): penalty of 45 € per day of delay.
If the equipment is seriously damaged (photo proofs), or stolen, lost, not returned, or if late penalties are not paid, the deposit check will be cashed.